Sunday, September 18, 2011

Writing a Love Scene

I’ve been pondering the issue of romance and therefore love scenes in my story. By the way, I should mention that I don’t do romance. It’s not my genre. I also don’t write erotica.

You see, I don’t think it’s necessary to be graphic in the description of a love scene. I have read many novels in which a romantic liaison was written very tastefully without graphic detail. These writers were able to clearly convey what was happening in heat infused beautiful prose. While there are others that graphically describe every aspect of coitus. I don’t think I can write in that style, but more importantly I don’t want to write in that style.

What I want to do (and what I’m working on which I’m finding really hard to do by the way) is gradually develop the sexual tension between the two characters until it manifest in a tasteful joining. But no matter what I write, I hate it. It comes off as cheesy, cliché and plain old drivel. I’m pushing forward anyway because I do want these two characters to like each other and eventually get together.

So I could really use some advice ‘cause I’m currently out of my comfort zone. From time to time I come across advice (on the internet) telling people that in order to become successful they have to get out of their comfort zone. Well, I’m out of mine and it’s an exhilarating ride but I don’t want to suck.

Perhaps my criticism is harsher than it should be, or maybe I’m being a perfectionist (which I don’t think I am). What I do know is that I want the reader to feel/see what is happening in a temperature rising, fast breathing, licking of dry lips experience without resorting to a triple x rating. How do I do that and be original in my writing?