Monday, February 21, 2011

Eternal Pursuit of Love

She awakened and stretched. Once again aware of her loneliness; the despair of the miserable eternal existence she suffered. The thirst was difficult to ignore and each night she had searched for him she'd proven the curse true. "Until you can truly love and not give in to the darkness of your soul, you will be alone." She remembered the Gypsy telling her; the only human who didn't fear her. But the hunger was too strong and she left her crypt. The breeze fluttered about and tousled her hair; the cold no longer touched her. She looked up at the night sky - silvery pools of moonlight reflected in her eyes. Scouring the alleyways she lurked in the dark blending in the shadows. Driven by hunger, the tendrils of her humanity fleeting, she heard the rhythmic rush of blood nearby. Her song floated on the wind coaxing him closer. The prey, drawn to desire's lure, was frozen with fear and engorged with lust. Handsome features and strong build, yet weak and pliant in her arms. "Love me" she sang as she assailed him with soft fluttery kisses "Stay with me". His body trembled against her - uncontrolled moans escaped him. The scent of his blood was a heady cocktail and she sank her canines into his tender flesh. She drank; the hot savory fluid filling her, sating her thirst. The body crumpled to the ground empty of life - a sacrifice given under her spell. Not the true love she yearned for; his essence filled her but left her hollow inside - he wasn't the one. Despondent and forlorn she shuffled back to her crypt; the icy chill that eluded her earlier now assaulted her with a vengeance - punishment for unnatural deeds. Ever alone, ever searching, she wasn't sure she could control her thirst long enough to find him. A dark and lonely soul waits for eternity; eyes welled with bloody tears - the sadness palpable. The crypt door creaks shut.


  1. Whoah this is good =o

  2. Fantastic metaphors "The prey, drawn to desire's lure, was frozen with fear and engorged with lust." among others.

    I'm loving the allegory (whether implied or literal) of a person daily struggle to find fulfillment; to be satisfied with what we have.

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