Friday, February 3, 2012

Status Update On My New Year's Resolution

It’s now February and the first month of my New Year’s resolution was slow going.  There were days in which I wondered if I should’ve  made a resolution at all, especially since they’ve never been successful in the past.  But I’m going to go forward for another month and then reassess.
My time management hasn’t improved either.  On my last post, I decided to write more on Wednesday nights – that worked once but has been an overall failure.  At the time, I didn’t realize that Wednesday nights wouldn’t work for me.  So my writing has been worse than sporadic - it’s been non-existent.  I have worked on my novel – basically researching elements that I want to include in my world building, but there has to be some way that I can squeeze more writing in.  For now, I’ll just write here and there squeezing any block of time that I can, since scheduling a structured writing session isn’t working.
Meditation hasn’t happened yet either, but it’s still part of the plan and I will eventually get to it.  If I don't start this month then perhaps it'll happen in March.  I’ve made some drastic changes to my diet to improve overall health.  Besides eating more fruits and vegetables, I’m also avoiding gluten and milk products.  I’m lactose intolerant so that explains avoiding yummy things like milkshakes and cheesecake.  What has been proving very difficult for me is abstaining from breads, pastas, cakes, etc.; because anything made with flour has gluten in it.
As for eliminating clutter – I don’t know where to begin.  No, that’s not true.  I do know where I want to begin but somehow I can’t bring myself to do it.  I don’t know why.  Every time I decide this will be the time to start, a bout of lethargy assails me and I focus on something else – like curling down on my bed with a book and reading, napping, or snacking.  My email inbox is overflowing and I wonder if I can sit down to read it all.  It’s been weeks since I visited any of the blogs I follow. 
How do other writers do it; find the time to write, organize their lives and their families while producing book after book?  Maybe I just need to relax for a while so that my batteries get recharged.  Or maybe I’m going about it the wrong way.  For me being a writer is writing; it’s someone who writes.  In order to consider myself a writer I must write.  If I’m not writing (whether I’m thinking about writing or not) it doesn’t merit, in my current opinion, enough credit to call myself a writer. 


  1. I hear ya! This year I have decided that no matter what - I will not give up on my resolutions. I may have low points, I may not achieve the goals I set for myself as quikly as I want to but I refuse to give up :) As long as we don't give up we will ultimately achieve our goals! You ARE a writer,don't tell yourself otherwise!!

  2. Hi Autumn Wind,

    I’m really trying not to give up, although I felt like quitting this past Saturday. I didn’t, but I’m chugging along like the little train that could. Thanks for the vote of confidence! It helps a lot!