Monday, March 12, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

I received The Versatile Blogger Award from Magaly over at Pagan Culture.  Magaly is a pretty versatile blogger herself and her blog is pretty nifty too!  Do people even say “nifty” now-a-days?    Anyway, she has a cool blog with lots of witchy stories and sometimes there’s even a princess, so check her out at:

As an award winner I must list seven things about myself and pass the award to fifteen other blogs.

Seven Things About Me

1.       Black is my comfort color.  Most of my wardrobe is black and any color I have will be in the darker hue of the color spectrum: e.g.: blood red, dark purples, dark chocolates.  Totally dislike pastels, the color yellow and most floral prints.
2.       I was in the Goth scene some years ago and I’m still Goth at heart.  Often people say “Goth is about death” but Goth embraces every aspect of life (especially its soulful and darker nature) including death, which helped me stop fearing death and cemeteries.  Prior to that I couldn’t step into a cemetery.  Now I see the peacefulness of the park-like settings and the beauty of the stones, statues and mausoleums instead of feeling irrational fear.
3.       I’m not a seamstress but I put together my Halloween costumes.  Sure, you can see the stitches from the moon but whatever project I’ve set myself to do, I make it work.  Perfect or not I’m proud of my work.
4.       Every time I read an amazing book, I think that my writing can’t compare to such great work and begin to doubt myself as a writer.  Then I get depressed and a few days later I give myself a pep talk and lift my spirits up again.
5.       I don’t drive.  It’s on my list of things to do that I never get around to doing.  I don’t even have a permit and the thought of car insurance makes me squirm because new drivers have really high payments.  Eventually, I’ll have to drive so it remains on the list – like at the bottom of the list.
6.       I’m not musically talented but I love to sing.  My daughter has an ear for music – she taught herself to play the piano.  So my singing is very painful to her, especially when I sing opera.
7.       Many years ago when I took maternity leave, my boss had a temporary assistant take over my duties during my absence.  Unfortunately, before I could return from maternity leave, the girl left on maternity leave.  My boss got rid of my desk chair.  His reasoning:  We both sat on the chair, we both got pregnant and we both went on maternity leave.  Therefore, he deduced that pregnancy is contagious.

Below are the 15 blogs who I’ve passed the award to.


  1. Thank you so much Carmen!! I'm honoured.

  2. Thanks for including my blog and I appreciate it so much. It's nice to receive "The Versatile Blogger" award with the other great bloggers out there like yourself.

  3. Pretty sure my boss wanted to cancel the bottled water service at work when a few of us got ourselves pregnant at around the same time. *shakes head* MEN!!

  4. the spirit that moves me:
    You’re very welcome. I enjoy reading your posts. Sometimes when my energy is erratic, I read your entries which help me to look within myself as I reflect on what you write.

    Cynthia Fox-Giddens:
    You’re very welcome. I like the energy of your blog and it’s enjoyable to read your posts.

    Hi Bethany,
    I wonder what goes through their minds. Weren’t they awake during biology class? Seriously, chairs & water cause pregnancy? *laughs and shakes head*

  5. Aw thanks! You are too sweet!

    There are some cemeteries that are so peaceful. I agree with you on that. Oh and the boss part was too funny. Was he afraid of becoming preggers? LOL

  6. Thank you for thinking of me :-)

    Like you, I don't drive. I've had eleventy hundred lessons over the years. It was actually a relief to finally admit that I'm rubbish at it and it's never going to happen!

  7. Nifty better be in, for I'm always using it. Either that, or I'm old *sigh*

    I envy your seamstress skills, even if the stitches are noticeable. I bet they add extra character ;-)

    Your boss's reasoning sounds hilarious!

  8. Hi Melissa:
    You’re welcome. I live in New York and there’s a beautiful cemetery in Brooklyn called The Green-wood Cemetery. They have trolley tours, famous residents and even catacombs!

    I don’t know if my boss was afraid of being preggers, but he never sat on my chair. Lol!

    Sarah Pearson:
    You’re welcome. Of course, you are definitely Not rubbish. And it’ll happen someday. Of course I walk into walls, so why would anyone want me behind the wheel of a car? :o)

    Hi Magaly:
    Old, you say? No way. Not us. About the sewing, we’re both in New York. One of these days we’ll hook up and sew something. My motto is: “I make it work”. Having said that, the end result might not resemble the picture on the instructions, but if people don’t know this then I’m good. Lol!