Saturday, July 28, 2012

Writers Are Passionate People, But Can They Be Multi-passionate? Yes, They Can!

I’ve written before whining and moaning about my writing difficulties and insecurities.  But have I told you about the other things that I'm passionate about?  For one, I like to make jewelry.  I find myself staring at women in the street, the bus, the train or when I’m out to lunch.  No, not that way; I’m looking at their jewelry and trying to deconstruct it with my eyes so that I can figure out how it was made.  Then decide that I can do that. 

Another passion of mine is Archery and I try to enjoy the sport whenever I can.  Sadly it isn’t as often as I would want, but I try to do it once a month.  I’m also passionate about Halloween and love to dress up and make my own costumes which can be a bit time consuming.

Next up on the list of passions is that I like to go to The Renaissance Faire.  Last year, I dressed up in a blue Renaissance gown and pretended to be a Princess.  I had my hair braided with flowers and gave a slight bow of the head when the occasional peasant curtsied before me saying “My Lady”.  I really enjoyed that part.  Soon, it’ll be time to go again so I started looking online for a new gown because a girl, I mean a Princess, can’t go to The Renaissance Faire two years in a row wearing the same gown.  It’s a rule, look it up.  It’s in the guidebook of Renaissance Faire etiquette that I made up.

I found several gowns that I liked but unfortunately they were priced a bit beyond my budget.  Apparently my kingdom’s coffers aren’t as full of gold and jewels as I would like.  The reality is that I don’t have a budget for such things but you know how it is.  When you really want something you figure out a way to get it even if it means siphoning money from the utility bill payment.  Not that I would do that, of course, but I did think about it and was sorely tempted.  

But something happened instead.  I got this crazy idea.  You see, I looked at these dresses and decided that I can do that. Why not?  Just cut a few pieces of fabric, pin them together, stitch and voila – instant Renaissance gown.  This crazy wonderful idea wouldn’t leave my head, so I bought the fabric and I’m going to dive right into making this gown.  I don’t have any formal sewing training but my motto is “make it work”, so I’ll repeat it over and over like a mantra until the gown is done. 

Hopefully the end result won’t scream "amateur home-made dress!" So this is now my latest passion that I have to schedule into my life and maybe it won’t intrude into my writing time too much. I might do another post and upload progress pictures.  Wish me luck!


  1. I do with conversations what you do with jeweler. I'm always listening to everything everybody says and writing bits, which mutate and end up in my stories (wait 'till you read "Twister" part 8 of The Haunting. Remember the tiny bit of conversation that created Leo and Jeff Drake?).

    I would love to see your dress! You'll share a picture, won't you?

    1. I don't know if I can listen to people when commuting - too many crazies and too many people asking for money. I tune it all out. Guess I've been missing out on material for my writing. I'll share some pictures. I'm working on the chemise right now which actually makes it two dresses!

  2. Please post progress pictures!! I would love to see the dress, My Lady ;o)Archery? That's cool! I like jewelry too.

  3. We have a lot of similar interests. I'm a writer, I'm crafty and I love Ren fairs. Though I don't get to go as often as I like. I use to sew a lot. Feel free to email if you get into a bind. I might be able to help or at least point you to someone who can. :)
    And I'd love to see pics too.

  4. Thanks! I'd appreciate any advice I can get. I just uploaded some pictures and would love your feedback. I'm trying to figure out how to either acquire a crispinette (caul) or make one. Any tips?