Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gifts From A Friend

On Friday, I stayed home from work.  I've been feeling fatigued and with the bug that’s going around, I thought it would be best if I rested.  And so I did and didn't get out of bed ‘till lunch time.

It felt great to lounge around in my pajamas sipping coffee and relaxing.  That was nice - wish I could do that every day. 

By 2:30 I decided to check if there was any mail.  When I opened my front door, there was a flat, rectangular brown paper package that was shoved into the gate.  The address label told me right away from who it was and a smile lit up my face. 
After I slid the package out, I saw a small box on the steps.  The box was also from the same person.  I got more excited! 

I opened up the flat package first and it was this Woodland Faeries calendar.  I love faeries!

Next, I opened the box and inside was a book.

It made me so happy to receive these gifts.  Now, normally I don't like surprises but this surprise was very nice.

It’s a beautiful thing to be blessed with friends who are wonderful people.  I'm surrounded by people who are uplifting, positive, supportive, and won’t hesitate to give me a verbal scolding if I need one.  I love them very much.

Today, I’m especially referring to my friend, The Diva.  I assigned this moniker to her because I see her as strong, feminine, intelligent, charming, gentle, compassionate, loving, and fierce when she needs to be.  

She has been very supportive of my writing.  I like Fantasy.  I read Fantasy, I write Fantasy, I daydream Fantasy.  I'm not much into Romance unless there's a vampire, wolf or some other kind of otherworldly character involved.

The Diva has suggested a couple of times that I try reading a different genre.  I usually make some non-committal comment.  Well, this time she wanted to ensure I gave a new genre a try and included this note inside the box that the book came in.

I had a chuckle when I read this.  She got me this time.  I started reading the book.  

The Diva always has some eloquent tidbit to impart on numerous subjects that she may be contemplating.  So, I sort of persuaded her to start a blog.  And she did.

But somehow, she was discouraged from writing.  Sometimes I wonder if she believes that in order to blog she must be a great literary writer.  I’m trying to make her understand that blogging can be an outlet of expression for all of those thoughts, opinions and ideas that circulate within her mind.  I've checked a few times to see if she’s added new material on Sterling Street, but she hasn't.   Maybe she’s reluctant of sharing her inner thoughts in a public way.  It can be a bit scary.  I understand that, it's not easy for me either. 

Maybe blogging isn't for everyone, but I sure hope she changes her mind.  


  1. What a wonderful surprise!! I am so happy for you ;o) I hope your friend, tries out blogging. ;o)

  2. I bet you are laughing like a loon following Stephanie and Lula. I LOVE those girls, and Grandma Mazur is a hoot!!!

    1. I am laughing. Lula is a riot! The grandma is a hoot and carries a huge gun! Poor Stephanie torn between Morelli and Ranger. What's a girl to do?

  3. I'm totally adopting the 'try something new . . . .' as my new motto. :D

    It's too bad she's got the wrong idea about blogging.

  4. Hopefully, she'll give it another try this year.