Monday, January 10, 2011

The Internet Blues

The Internet was down for a few days - didn’t know what was wrong with it since my laptop indicated that I was connected.  I tried resetting the modem, the router, repairing the connection through Windows and restarting the laptop.  Nothing worked.  It wasn’t a billing issue so I didn’t know what the problem was.  

Finally, I called for technical support.  They tried to signal the modem remotely but it didn’t go through so they scheduled a technician to come to my home for service.  This is what I dreaded, because when that happens you become a prisoner in your home.  They give you a window of time for the technician to visit; therefore you can’t leave your house.  Any plans you made for that day will now have to be cancelled and to complicate matters; they call at the last minute to say there are no available technicians at this time, please accept their apologies and provide you with another date for service. Not happy – but I had no choice.

Eventually, the technician arrived and it turned out that the problem originated from the pole down the street where the cabling connects to my house.  He explained that the laptop indicated that I was connected because it recognized the connection to the modem, but the modem wasn’t getting the signal from the outside.  

In this era of uber technology immersion, I try not to be too dependent on electronic gadgetry.  Keeping it simple still works and most importantly it reduces your exposure to all kinds of radiation and magnetic fields.  Except for my cell phone, I don’t own an Ipad, a Kindle or Nook, a GPS, Wii consoles or watch TV {I have a HULU Plus subscription, yay!} but I do need my Internet!

Now that the Internet is up and running, the 'end-of-the-world' drama has ended and everything is back to normal.

And I learned that the Internet has become a part of my daily life and I can't do without it.  Can you?

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