Saturday, January 22, 2011

Poor Little Goth Girl

Poor little Goth girl so pale and forlorn
Listless and frail, her happiness gone
Wrapped in a funeral shroud battered and torn
The wind blows her ebony tresses, glossy and long
A halo of darkness encircles her pallid beauty
Her solemn countenance dreadful and gloomy
The earth at her feet newly disturbed
Evidence of a fresh grave recently escaped
Restless spirit condemned endless wandering
Her lover’s deadly gift her young life ended
His heart beats near, its rhythm frantic with fear
Attempts to flee an act of futility
Resigned to fate he falls to his knees
Pale hands take hold to seal with a kiss
Uniting in sepulchral nuptials for eternity


  1. I like it. very descriptive a lot of use of imagery and literary devices in your poem. It has a really romantic theme and seems to touch on not letting go. Which is a conicedence because I am currently watching a movie called Never Let Me Go. :D

  2. This is gothic poetry. Reminds me of the lyrical style used in a lot of goth metal. Would make good lyrics with its rhythmic yet dark tones

  3. Thanks Andres,

    I'm thinking piano and/or violin for this piece. Let's discuss it further.

  4. Thank you Ty,

    You are very perceptive and intuitive in capturing the essence of the poem.