Friday, March 18, 2011


Like most people who dedicate themselves to writing, I have a small network of friends that I trust with my work. Sometimes we are so busy with day-to-day life, our writing projects, and our daytime jobs that - although it’s ever present in our minds & hearts - we don't get the opportunity to say thanks. Today, I'm taking a little time from my busy schedule to say Thanks to a few special people in my life.

First and foremost, I want to say Thanks to:

Paulette Bennett: Screenwriter, Novelist & good friend. She was the very first person to encourage me to write; who believed in me even when I didn't, and still does. Thank you Paulette.

Joyce Pillot: Friend and Beta Reader. Joyce is always willing to put her work aside and make time to read the latest chapter of my novel or Flash Fiction I've written. She connects with the characters and always asks me to write more! Thank you Joyce.

Tom Newsome: Friend, Beta Reader and Copy Editor. Tom is my guy-best friend and has been there for me for a long time. He listens to my ideas, counsels me when I'm not sure in which direction I should go with my writing, and edits my work helping me make my writing stronger. Thank you Tom.

Melissa Cohen: Friend. Melissa is very practical in her approach when it comes to me and my writing. When I cry that I have writer's block, Melissa says: “Don't stress about it. Just Write”. When I complain about plot or characters and what to do, Melissa says: “Write, just write. Stop stressing. Write about your day. Whatever you do, just write”. Thank you Melissa.

Maria Holland: Friend, Avid Reader. Maria is a good friend who sends me e-mails with words of praise and encouragement. She appreciates a good story and I’m happy that she likes the ones I write. Thank you Maria.

All of you have consistently been supportive of my writing and I’m glad you’re all in my life.


  1. What a lovely blog post! I always think that those who encourage us in our writing don't always know the immense difference they make. Yours do now.

    I just found you on the SheWrites follow thread, and have joined your site.

  2. Hi, Carmen! Found your blog through She Writes. I think that it's very important for a writer to find a circle of trust and support. It's lovely that you took the time to acknowledge and thank the friends behind you :D Looking forward to reading more of your posts. I'm following you now.


  3. Hi, Carmen! I also found you through She Writes. This is a wonderful post, I'm looking forward to following your blog and reading more. Great to meet you! :)

  4. Hi, Carmen! I love this post, found you on she writes. I think we normally don't thank those who support us nearly enough... Glad to read this post. I don't know where I'd be without my 'posse.' Come check out my blog, ; )

  5. Thanks Deborah,
    You're right, sometimes they don't realize the impact they have on us; how the smallest help or praise lifts us out of the gloom we’re currently in whether real or imagined. Thank you for joining my site and I'm now following you on yours.

  6. Thanks Sam,
    All I can say is: Oh. My. God. I love Dr. Who WITH David Tennant – miss him as The Doctor. You know, that with Time Lord Technology there is room in the TARDIS for the both of us! Thanks for following me, I’m following you too!

  7. Thanks Julie,
    I checked out your Blog and learned five things about you. I would love to discuss Vampire Lore with you one day. On your idea of writing a book based on your experiences in a psychiatric hospital, would you consider the idea of all the patients being sane and the only crazy people there, are the staff running the hospital? What do you think?

  8. Thanks Stacey,

    I checked out your blog and I’m following you too! I loved your “About Moi” page! How did you end up in a shark?

  9. Hi Carmen! I found you through a bozo, and I think you're terrific. <3