Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Science of Love

Is there such a thing as a scientific formula for love? What defines the essence of love? There are different kinds of love but in this case, I will focus on romantic love. Take a journey with me to investigate this phenomenon as I play Scientist.

Give me a second while I put on my lab coat…

The first thing I did was research on Google and all the answers relating to Love were drowning in formulas like this one – boring!

Not what I had in mind. So, I kept trying. I asked myself “What do people need to feel love for another person? Hmm…

So, I looked up the definition of Love: a strong positive emotion of regard and affection.

What do you need to evoke a strong positive emotion of regard and affection? Well, there are different attributes that people look for in a partner. Some of those are:

Physical attraction or chemistry – How “hot” you find him/her
Commonality – all the wonderful things you and you’re special someone have in common e.g.: music
Understanding – you really get what the he/she is about
Appreciation - for their qualities, the little things he/she does for you, accomplishments, etc.
Security – feeling safe whether by physical protection, financial stability or both
Affection – expressing fondness via words, touch, etc.
Sense of humor – he/she makes you laugh
Compassion – sympathetic of others
Respect – he/she treats you with esteem and dignity
Trust – you can rely on him/her
Honesty – truthful

But I’m thinking that based on chemistry, a new can of worms is opened, like lust and sexual compatibility. Questions arise like is he/she a good kisser and then it gets too complicated. Although, these traits should not be at the forefront, they do impact on how a person feels for another and whether they’ll fall in love or not. So I have to consider them.

I used the basics of numerology to determine the number value for each of the attributes mentioned. In the case where two attributes had the same numerical value I added the first letter of that attribute as an identifier e.g.: 7h is the value of HONESTY.

After all my calculations I created the Love Table of Elements. By referring to this table, you can identify the numerical value of your relationship or the total numerical value of attributes you’re looking for in a partner.

It’s hard to say what total value should be reached in either case. It depends on the individual and what is important to them but my advice is to get the highest number possible.

For example if you add up:

Chemistry + Sexual Compatibility + Sense of Humor + Affection + Commonality + Respect + Honesty + Security = 46 (3c+11+5h+7a+5+5r+7h+3s=46)

So, if I were to meet someone with these attributes I would like them A Lot! Just saying…

The table is color coded so it would be good to find someone with one or two attributes of the same color e.g.: Honesty & Trust

I don’t have the answers but I had fun playing Scientist. This was just my take on the research of love and I’m sure there were many things I didn’t consider. My mathematical skills are non-existent so I couldn’t provide you with a more scientific formulae but I welcome anyone to provide one based on the values I’ve established.


  1. love the scientific approach!

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    Don't know what came over me, but I do know the moon was in perigee. I think it was the closest its been to the earth in 20 years and it was a full moon as well.