Sunday, April 3, 2011

Writing Sci-Fi

Recently, I joined and online community for writers called She Writes where you can friend other writers and join groups. So far I’ve been having so much fun with it because one of the groups I joined is very Sci-Fi, which is one of the genres I enjoy. The thing is that normally upon joining a group there is a prompt to start a discussion for the group or join one that is already in progress. In this case, there were no topics being discussed and I didn’t have one to contribute either.

Apparently, on that particular day I was nestled comfortably in my right brain and an idea struck me. What if, instead of suggesting a topic for discussion I start writing a story and if the other members were interested they could add to it and see where the story takes us? Well, I thought that idea was pretty fantastic – a way to exercise our writing gears. And that’s how the fun began.

I wrote a brief scene where a female Captain is standing on the Transporter pad, a phaser in her hand, ready to go down to the planet on a rescue mission. The Lieutenant Commander, her second in command, is anxious and doesn’t want her to go but she orders him to transport her and assume command if she wasn’t back in a specified amount of time. That is where I ended the scene.

A day went by and I checked She Writes to see if any of the other members had contributed to the story. None had. I was a little worried – thinking that perhaps I had made the wrong move or that my scene was complete nonsense. But on the second day, there was a response! Not only did he think it was a good idea, he contributed a scene of his own. So far, we’ve been corresponding in this manner. I’m having a blast! It’s like waiting to get mail from a pen pal but writing about other planets, aliens and the ongoing war of good versus evil. Awesome!

Currently, the rescue mission has gone wrong. The Captain was shot with a phaser rifle but found her injured Crewman in a cave that the enemy has now sealed with phaser canons. Communications with the ship was distorted due to the oncoming storm and she has lost consciousness.

So, I’ll leave you now because I have to write the next scene.

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  1. Wow - a very creative and engaging way to connect with other writers - I love it!

  2. So cool! Wouldn't it be awesome if you got a full length book out of the sci-fi correspondence? :)