Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Writer Is Not In

I’ve been feeling a bit rundown lately – fatigued, like my batteries are not fully charged. I also didn’t write this past week. I know shocking!

Between dragging myself to do the simplest of tasks like going to work and experiencing computer problems I couldn’t get any writing done. First the laptop was performing at sloth speed. My anti-virus software had expired so I called technical support which took an eternity of grief. The first couple of attempts at downloading the anti-virus software failed which resulted in my uttering a few colorful expletives. You must understand that at this point it’s 1:37 in the morning and I have to go to work in a few hours.

Eventually, I left the laptop downloading the software and went to bed. That evening when I got home I started a scan which took so long to complete I felt my ire start to rise again. In the end it had found and quarantined 10 Trojans and now my laptop is running better.

Good so now that the laptop is up to speed again I can write, right? Wrong! It was at this point that my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome decided to flare up. Bummer! My friends think it odd that I prefer to type over writing. What happens is that because of the CTS I can’t hold a pen for too long. The way the hand closes while writing pinches the nerve much quicker than it does when I type. So I’ve been medicating with Aleve and Advil alternately to bring down the inflammation.

Hopefully, this week will be better.

Happy writing everyone.


  1. I am sorry! Not being able to write can be a real curse especially when you have writing ideas swirling around in your mind! I hope you get back to writing soon. Feel better!

  2. Sometimes life is like that - be kind to yourself and don't get in a stew because you're not writing. It's all working itself out in your subconscious.

  3. I hope this week brings healing your way. I'm looking forward to reading more, especially since I just found your blog through SW. Best wishes for a restful week.

  4. To know you are having trouble with CTS makes me appreciate even more your participation in She Alien, She Writer. You are a fantastic writer with great imagination and in my opinion very good writing capabilities. I am sorry for your painful discomfort and hope this is only temporary and that you will heal soon.
    I will also take this opportunity to thank you, for driving this no writer into your thrilling science fiction story, and stimulate, as you say, my rusted writing gears. I am enjoying it very much.

  5. To K. Syrah, Deborah & DeeLynn:

    Thank you very much for your thoughts and well wishes. I'm feeling better and I worked a little bit on my novel today. Yay!

    And you were right about ideas swirling in my head and things working themselves out in my subconscious. I re-did a few pages of a chapter I wasn't happy with.

  6. Hello Carlos,

    Thank you very much for your kind words and I am feeling a little better. The CTS flares up from time to time. I just have to make sure I don't push myself too hard. I'm also having a lot of fun with our Sci-Fi story.

  7. Hi Carmen. I'm still abroad so I'm stopping by rather late. I hope you feel better soon. Sending warm thoughts your way. :)

  8. Hi Sam,

    I'm feeling better. Thank you so much. ;)