Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Research - Not Obsession

Lately, I’ve been spending quality alone time in my attic/office doing a lot of reading, making jewelry and watching reruns of Angel on Hulu. And Spike has been on a couple of episodes; he’s such a hottie! Then there’s the 6’3 chocolate goodness of Charles Gunn - yummy! But for some reason, I’ve always wanted Wesley; the scholarly occult expert with the British accent who can also kick ass. The only downside to watching Angel is that I might be putting on a couple of pounds. I seem to devour pints of Hagen Daaz ice cream, bags of Doritos and a few minutes ago I had to put down the bag of melted chocolate Milano cookies before I ate the whole thing.

This is not an Angel obsession. It is simply research. Yes, I’m studying the characters in the series. The depth of their personalities, the intricacies of their interrelationships and how they deal with the obstacles they face. I do this so that I can create lifelike 3D characters in my stories. I do this so that I can become a better writer.

Okay, what I just said was B.S. I didn’t even believe it myself. I confess: I’m obsessed with the series. I went to Hulu and have been watching it from the first season and now I’m up to season 5. But although I’ve been experiencing a mild crush on the show, my heart still belongs to the Doctor, who to me will always be, David Tennant.


  1. LOL I've had a crush on TV shows before. My fav was Lost. I miss it sooo much. No other show on TV comes close to it for me. So I do understand. I've never seen a full episode of Angel because I didn't start watching at the beginning of the series and I never start a series in the middle. Have fun watching!!!Oh and isn't Angel, the title character, a hottie too. I'm just saying. LOL

  2. Hi Dawn,

    I remember Lost - great show!

    I finished watching the entire series. There's an episode where Angel and Spike fight other - O.M.G. And yes, the guy that plays Angel is a hottie too. I followed him to his next series called Bones where he plays an FBI Detective. So he went from fangs to handcuffs - still hot. :)