Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Phluvoighan Aggression - Episode Three

The Biogeometer’s signal bleeped in shorter intervals as they approached the mines on the left outermost edge of the mountains. Veudan, his shoulders hunched, led - his phaser rifle set on level three. He wasn’t taking any chances that a stun setting might not be enough to protect his commanding officer. Although the RBC suits protected them from the storm’s effects, the force of the winds slowed their approach through the rocky landscape. Drokkan pulled at the medi-beds to keep them from blowing away – the powerful winds made it difficult for the hover-mechanism of the medi-beds to remain steady. They had only managed 50 paces and were nearing a large mound of rock debris, when phaser fire erupted from different directions. Veudan returned fire with expert ease while Drokkan tied down the medi-beds to a large rock.

“How many do you see?” Drokkan asked as he shot down a Phluvoigh
“Too many sir - we’re surrounded! Veudan answered killing three Phluvoighans in a single pass. More Phluvoigh replaced their fallen comrades; most were perched above the cliffs ruthlessly targeting them while others faced them head on.

“Drastic measures Veudan! Fire the plasma grenades!” Drokkan commanded hunching down as more phaser fire rained down on them.
“Aye sir!” Veudan answered with glee and inserted the plasma grenade clip to his phaser rifle. A brazen group detached from the rest and charged forward.  Veudan targeted them in his sight and fired the grenade - the blast scattered the limbs and the Phluvoigh on the ground beat a hasty retreat.  But it didn't deter those on the cliffs, who increased their phaser fire.  Veudan counteracted with a few well placed plasma grenade shots - the giggle that escaped him evidence that he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

Inside the cave, Crewman Inertia was brought out of her deep healing meditation by the sound of explosions. She supposed that the sounds she heard meant that Commander Drokkan had sent another rescue party for them.  After communicating with Commander Drokkan, she cleared her mind of her initial trauma and relied on her training to speed up her healing. Memories of her youth in Cardia flashed behind her eyelids as she remembered the teachings of her mentor who had taught her the ancient forms of healing through meditation and energy work.  It was the focusing of this healing energy that she was now channeling into herself and Captain Faasha.  One hand supporting her ribs and the other resting lightly on Captain Faasha’s forehead; the thumb pressing against the temple. The dull pain of her throbbing ribs made it difficult to draw air and the intermittent coughing sent stabbing pain through her.  The Biogeometer indicated they were running out of air and the unbidden thought that they wouldn’t make it shook her confidence.   But she was a Cardian and Cardians were born stubborn; it was in their genetic makeup.  Looking down at her captain, she decided that she would do what it took to ensure that Captain Faasha survived.  After repositioning herself and placing both hands on the Captain’s forehead, thumbs at the temples, Crewman Inertia refocused her energies once more.

The onslaught of the Phluvoighans continued undeterred forcing Veudan and Drokkan back into the mines while tendrils of smoke rose from the molten lump that used to be a medi-bed.
“How many plasma grenades do we have left?” Drokkan asked limping backwards favoring his left leg as they sought shelter in the mines.
“Three grenades left, sir” Veudan responded. He had switched some time ago to standard phaser fire now set to level four.
“Acknowledged - the Biogeometer indicates that we’re thirty paces too far to the right. The only alternative left is to use the phasers to cut a section of the rock. I’ll provide cover while you work on it.” Drokkan leaned against the mine wall; the leg of his RBC suit had a large burn from when he was hit by the Phluvoighan’s illegally modified Type-1 phaser rifle.

“Sir, this section of the wall is too thick to cut through. I recommend using a plasma grenade to dislodge the fallen rocks that sealed the entrance to the cave.” Veudan asked
“The blast could cause more debris to fall and make it worse for the Captain and Crewman Inertia. Scan for a thinner section of the wall and create a passage wide enough for the medi-bed to get through.” Drokkan said noticing the sudden quiet. The Phluvoighans had ceased firing.
“I don’t like it sir. They’re up to something!” Veudan scanned the area, the rifle pointed and ready to fire at anything that moved.
“We don’t have much time, Veudan. Get to work on that opening!” Drokkan commanded


  1. Wow! Seems like some crazy wold building. Very detailed & intense! Nice work, Carmen! :)

  2. Thanks Morgan. My sci-fi has a Star Trek flavor - I blame Gene Roddenberry.

  3. Very intense! Are the Phluvoighans going to do something? Great writing! ;o)

  4. Maybe; they're not very nice. Thanks!