Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm Not A Trekker - Really, I'm Not

One of the genres that I enjoy is Sci-Fi.  Years ago, I was fascinated with Star Wars, Buck Rogers, and Battlestar Galactica.  But my favorite was Star Trek - both the original and The Next Generation.  After The Next Generation, I was glued to Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise.  I couldn’t get enough of space faring humans who encountered advanced alien civilizations.  So it stands to reason that when I write Sci-Fi stories there will be a strong Star Trek influence. 

Someone might say that I was a trekker, not that I would admit it.  My iPad has the Starfleet Personal Access Display Device (PADD), which is so cool!  This was the device the crew always walked around with and pressed digital buttons to access information.  And this App is the Official and Canon version so all the information pertains to the Star Trek TV series and the films.  

Now, before you say aha!  Let me explain that the iPad was given to me and it already had the PADD App installed.  On the other hand, the Tricorder App was mysteriously downloaded into my phone - those darned Nanites!  I might as well play with it, I don't believe in being wasteful.  Especially after those hard working Nanites went through all the trouble.

I must go now - my cats are chasing hair balls that look suspiciously like tribbles.  


  1. I am a proud Star Trek lover, convention goer and addicted to Deep Space Nine.

    I don't own an iPad, I know how archaic. I doubt I'll buy one in a long time, unless someone gives me one *fat chance lol*

    So, have you read Night of the Living Trekkies? Freaking hilarious!

    1. No, I haven't read it. Today, I was showing my Tricorder App at the office and "scanning" things.

    2. Yeah, "scanning" sure...

      I think I have a print copy at home. Unless, I've given it away. If I do, I'll mail it to you. It's pretty funny.

  2. Hold your head high & say -"I am NOT (really) a Trekkie" Love Star Trek, Next Generation was my fav, & Enterprise, fell in love with Trip (not even sure why) Data I obsessed about for a while, my hubby even wrote a Valentine's story for me based on it... and about 4 weeks ago sat in SupaNova with all the other secret geeks (yes my hubby & 2 teen babes) & beamed the whole time Will Weaton was on stage... I'm not really a Trekkie either, but took photos of people who were ;)

  3. Fantastic! I was a bit infatuated with Data, after all, he's fully functional and sweet. And Trip had such a charm about him - cute! I still can't believe Will Weaton has facial hair. He's on Eureka now and the first time I saw him I was like: Oh My God! He's all grown up!

    But I'm glad that like me you're not a trekkie or a trekker. Besides that stuff is for geeks. Between you and me I would love to have a replicator. Now wouldn't that be cool?!

  4. I like Star Gate too but I've never kept up with it.