Monday, April 30, 2012

Baking For Love - Chapter One, Act One

She felt him stir, stiffen and then slowly get out of bed not wanting to wake her. But for the past month, she’d awaken before him without making him aware of it.  He was sensitive to her moods so she made sure to lie still and keep her breathing even. 

The shower was on full blast.  There would be no steamed or fogged mirrors – there hadn’t been in months.  Frigid water pounded his head and shoulders, the freezing rivulets helping him regain self-control.  Violent shivers wracked his body, not from the cold but from the hunger.
She kicked the covers off taking a deep breath and blowing it loudly through pursed lips.  Clumps of wavy brown hair stood on end from the static of the bed sheets.  And although she had been awake for at least ten minutes, her hazel eyes refused to focus.  Her contacts were in the bathroom - the last place she should be at the moment.  It’d be better to get out of bed and go make breakfast.  The room reeked of her scent, but it would test his control if he saw her there once he came out.
On auto pilot, she busied herself making eggs, bacon, toast and coffee, which was mostly for her.  Breakfast was a light meal for him and lately he barely sipped his coffee before he practically ran out of the apartment.   The sounds of movement filtered in from the bedroom as he dressed.  Getting the newspaper she removed the sections she preferred to read, folding the paper neatly so it appeared as if it hadn’t been touched and placed it on the breakfast nook.
Steady footsteps approached the kitchen and she looked up holding her breath, not moving a muscle.  Despite the well dressed man that stood before her in his pin striped Brioni suit, she was fully aware that she was alone with a predator.  As always he was meticulously dressed but today he wore creams and grays which was a deviation of the usual dark  colors he preferred.  His short cropped blond hair managed to be both an example of executive excellence and playboy aristocracy.
He reached for the coffee and the paper barely making eye contact – the fringe of blond lashes cloaking his sharp blue eyes. “Good morning”

The air felt electrically charged and she knew he was shielding “Good morning” she breathed out and sipped her coffee keeping her movements slow and small in order to avoid provoking his instinctive responses.

Barely wetting his lips, he put the cup down, glanced at his watch and headed for the door. “Have to go.  See you tonight.”

She barely managed a feeble “See you later” before the door closed.  Appetite gone and nerves reduced to jelly she didn’t know what to do.  Sure, in the beginning everything was great.  He was suave, charming and handsome – romantic even.  But now things had changed and she was powerless to do anything about it.
Her friends had warned her about having an interspecies relationship but she wouldn’t listen.  She loved Sean but did he love her or was she just food that he was resisting to eat? She knew the answer – she is food because she’s human and at the bottom of the food chain.  And now he was acting like a man on a diet – a diet he was having trouble keeping, which meant trouble for her.
How could a relationship with an incubus possibly work out?  And how long would it be before he finally ate her, sucking the life out of her the way one would suck the jelly out of a jelly donut?

Getting ready for work was arduous, when what she really wanted to do was crawl back into bed and sleep or cry or both.  But she was stronger than that, and before she knew it she was waiting for the elevator.  The day’s agenda played through her head, which had become a form of therapeutic exercise.  Focusing on work was better than focusing on her personal life; at least it helped her stay sane.  A familiar voice pulled her out of her thoughts and she looked into clear golden eyes – Carl’s eyes.

“Hello” the corners of his eyes crinkling up as he smiled

“Hello” she couldn’t help sniffing and hoped she was inconspicuous.  Carl always smelled of sugar and cinnamon and she wondered if he rolled around in it.
“Penny for your thoughts” bright teeth showed through his smile – no fangs though – Carl had manners.  He was one of several living vampires that resided in her building and was nicer than most.  The others tended to keep to themselves and never socialized with humans unless they were on the menu.
“Did you bake today?”
“As a matter-of-fact I did. I baked donuts.  Do you like donuts?” he asked knowing that she did but feigning ignorance - his voice dropping half an octave and oozing sensuality.  He had baked them especially for her.  The kind she liked with the custard filling.
“I do actually like donuts but not jelly donuts.” The thought of which made her innards recoil.
“Then I guess it’s my good luck that I didn’t bake jelly donuts.  I made Bavarian cream donuts.  Do you like Bavarian cream?” the elevator doors opened at the lobby but their eyes were locked, Carl held the door open but didn't let go of her gaze.
Breathless and lost in the amber of his lion eyes she could only manage a hoarse whisper “Bavarian donuts are my favorite.”
“I’m glad to hear it.  I’ll be sure to reserve a few for you.” He released her gaze and Arianna stepped out of the elevator feeling a bit distracted over their encounter. A glance over her shoulder confirmed her suspicion – Carl stood in the elevator leaning against the open door, his eyes followed her as she walked.  She turned away quickly and left the building, her heart skipping a couple of beats.


  1. Wow, that's tough. To live with someone you love without knowing how he really feels about your flesh.

    I like the point of view jumps of our omniscient narrator. I hope this will get longer, and if it does, maybe to pick one perspective per chapter. I felt like I wanted to stay in the head of a character for a longer time.

    I really like the conflict, the living arrangements and the food ;-)

    1. I agree about showing the different POVs – must know what Sean is really thinking and feeling. And how about Carl? I love a man who cooks - make him a vamp and it gets…hot? Well, in Carl’s case it gets sweet, tasty and lickable.

      Perhaps there’ll be another installment of this story. These two small scenes came to me and I had to write them down but it’s heading in the direction of a love triangle. That means romance, which is Not my thing, so I’m panicking a little bit. I feel so much more
      comfortable if they eat her in a torturous, gory way, but if they both love her then now it’s gotten mushy.

    2. Love can be painful, and life is about relationships, you know? Let her have some, and she can move on after that *hehehehe*

  2. Grabbed my attention right from the start, and I agree with Magaly - it left me wanting to learn a bit more before the scenes changed. I have to agree with you also when you mentioned romance not being your "thing". It isn't mine either, although if I accidentally read it (I never seek it out nor watch it in movies) and it's brief (rather than all-consuming throughout the chapters), then it tends to spice up the story a bit. :)

  3. I feel the same way when it comes to romance. I'm not entirely sure yet if there will be more snippets of this story, but I'm going to remain open minded about it.

  4. Excellent! Interspecie relationship! Very interesting! And a vampire??? Cool!

    1. I was toying with the idea of showing the ups and downs of Interspecies relationships. Most novels end with the happily ever after but don't show the difficulties of living together. However, romance isn't my strongest area so I panicked and haven't thought of this storyline since.