Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Holiday Season Is Here!

The holidays arrived before I was ready for them.  How did this happen?  I just gave thanks for all the wonderful things that I was graced with this year.  For sure, I’m still digesting all the left-overs. 

There has to be a way to deal with this and after giving it some thought I’ve come up with a solution.  It goes like this:

I need one more month to mentally prepare for the festivities.  Another two months would help to plan and prepare financially for the extensive gift and food shopping that is needed for all those presents and meals that will be served.

This is a lot of work and considering all the different holidays celebrated from December to January, it is necessary to add an extra month to recover from unwrapping gifts, stuffing our faces, laughing and merry-making.

Taking these additional months into account, our calendar year will change as follows: 

Relaxuary            September
February               October
March                   November
April                     Mentalember
May                     Planember
June                    Financember
July                     December
August                 January

Notice the new months of Mentalember, Planember and Financember provide a nice cushion between Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season.  This will be perfect for many families who juggle time off from work, traveling and accommodating visiting relatives.  Relaxuary becomes the first month of the year, which is great because no one wants to start the New Year stressed out.

And this, folks, is my proposal for the new sixteen month Carmenian Calendar.

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  1. I love it! But what about another month before November, to plan and cook the thanksgiving meal? How about, Stuffember?