Friday, December 10, 2010

Where did the time go?

My son turned twenty one yesterday.  I spent the entire day trying to crawl out of the pit of denial; trying to face the fact that twenty one years had indeed passed.  How could I be the mother of a twenty one year old?  I feel young and at times can still frolic like a twelve year old!  This isn’t right, something clearly is wrong.  No, it’s true the time is gone.  Now fully accepting the reality I find myself a bit sentimental.  The feelings bubbled to the surface and the words flowed and this is how they go:

Where did the time go?
Just last week was my son born
Ten fingers and ten toes, that’s how it’s done
Enormous hands caress his cheeks
Your smile, your father’s pleasure peaks
With a wiggle and a wriggle you reach up
Mother obliges with kisses and hugs
First steps are taken and early he spoke
Proud were we at how you had grown
Before we knew it, to school he would go
To learn letters and numbers, science and sports
Well, not really sports he didn’t care much for those
But he liked the computer from very early on
We’ve pictures to prove it; at only three months old
Grateful were we that he always thrived
And before we knew it he was licensed to drive
Happy and loving he has always been
What his future holds remains to be seen
Imagine my wonder, and bitter sweet joy
To realize that you are no longer a boy
Just turned twenty one
You’re considered a man
My heart bursts with emotion
Where did the time go?

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