Sunday, December 19, 2010

WRITE - The Battle of the Word

A jumble of thoughts bounces back and forth in your head.  Inspiration ebbs in and out like ocean waves on a rocky beach.  Frothy and energizing urging forward, shoulders hunched leaning over the keyboard.  Frenzy ensues, fingers tapping on the keys musically as the words flow.

The moment once rich and strong drains away palpably, and leaves behind a parched dryness. Reaching out desperately trying to hold on as it slips through closed fingers, you’re blind to defeat.  Ideas discarded, motivation wanes as the search for the illusive words continue.  The screen taunts, its blinking cursor mocking, the blankness of the page a cruel reminder of your impotence.  Desperation mounts, tendrils of negative thoughts crawl winding their destructive vines around your psyche, strangling your hopes.

But the battle is not yet lost.  Pushing away from the keyboard, a short reprieve to regenerate, you storm off.  Drowning insecurities in caffeinated beverages, and submerging in beautiful expressions of melody, you prepare to return.  Shoulders squared off, fingers flexed, shielded by determination the counterattack ensues.

With ferocious vengeance you strike at the keys, words pouring forth with force.  Writing to write for writing’s sake the imagery flows, the characters grow, and the scene develops.  The pale embers of triumph’s beacon steadily brighten illuminating the dark recesses where fear dwelled until their fiery light burns away the suffocating vines of hopelessness.

You’re a writer, the lone knight and self appointed champion of prose.  The word warrior who is set apart, and at times introspective but always vigilant for the story that demands to be told.

What will you write about today?

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